SmartAdvance implements Tru-Id’s innovative Collect Platform

January 2021 saw smartadvance successfully complete the implementation of TruId’s Collect platform that promises to change the way customers interact with nifty, the direct to consumer lending platform

 TruID’s innovative platform enables consumers to safely and rapidly share their banking information with nifty during the loan application process in a manner that not only promises privacy for the consumer but serves to reduce time spent on the loan application process, meaning that customers received their funds even quicker than before.

Nifty, the direct-to-consumer brand of smartadvance, a registered credit provider strives to provide safe, accessible online credit quickly and easily using its innovative technology platform.

“We integrate into anything you’re creating; whether you’re a lender, aggregator, PFM tool or an aspiring fintech, TruID has developed a trusted & secure financial data sharing ecosystem for you, says Paris Valakelis of TruId.

Our ongoing commitment is to be the leading provider of API’s, one that enables financial innovation but also promotes the digital transformation of the financial industry.” Concludes Paris

The Collect Platform emphasises on maximising user adoption by creating a trusted user environment.

“Nifty’s vision is to deliver relevant, accessible financial solutions, safely and easily using innovative technology. Giving our customers the ability to apply for credit quickly is our promise; creating a secure online environment in which they interact with our brand improves customers experience and trust for our users which is what will build our brand for the long term. TruID helps us take another step forward in realising this objective.” Concludes Mark Young, CEO of smartadvance.